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Mouse Specifications; Connection Type: Logitech Unifying USB receiver and Bluetooth® Low Energy: Buttons: Left/Right-click, Back/Forward, App-Switch, Wheel mode-shift, Middle-click Scroll Wheel: Yes, with smart-shift Thumbwheel: Yes Gesture button: Yes: Indicator Lights (LED) Low battery LED: Battery Details: Rechargeable Li-Po (500 mAh ... It works to disable scrolling, but sometimes when I try clicking the left mouse button, my finger accidentally "clicks" the wheel causing the pointer to change to that up/down arrow thingie with the circle around it, and then if I just move the mouse the page being displayed starts to scroll really fast until I click one of the buttons again.Usually the mouse wheel enhances features that can be used with other mouse or keyboard operations. For example, you can scroll documents with the keyboard or by clicking and dragging areas of scroll bars. With the mouse wheel, scrolling can be easier because the pointer does not need to be positioned over the small area of a scroll bar.Disables zooming with the ctrl+mouse wheel gesture in the editor. You can still zoom with the zoom control on the bottom margin of the text view (the one that reads "100%" by default). (Extra text added to work around inane description length requirement. Please ignore.) (Extra text added to work around inane description length requirement.

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Feb 22, 2004 · rather perfer a 3rd (middle) mouse button, than a sw. At work, I have an ibm mouse (3 buttons) and I've grown to like it very much, even better than my sw mouse here. However, I don't use the driver that comes w/ this sw mouse. I also learned to use/live w/out it. If I need to scroll inside a webpage, I just press the sw. While mouse wheel zooming on maps is a handy intuitive interaction, it may in some cases be frustrating when it interferes with the scrolling of the web page. This tutorial will show how to disable mouse wheel zooming on the Map chart. The interaction events on Map chart are mostly set on the chart's chartContainer.But lately, the mouse wheel function works as expected for a while, then switches to do page forward and back. I have not been able to determine if a specific action causes the switch, or if it's just random. If I hold the mouse down on the scroll bar and scroll the screen, the wheel goes back to scrolling the page.

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The scroll wheel on an older mouse can stop working because there is simply too much accumulated crud inside that stops the wheel from functioning correctly. You can open the mouse by taking out the 3 or 4 screws (Phillips); they are usually located one or two under the battery(s) and another two under the glide pads under the mouse in the front.

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The horizontal scroll offset can be changed either with the mouse wheel or by dragging the selection of the slider. None. In order to disable both scrolling and zooming of a RadTimeBar instance, specify a None value for the ScrollMode property. In this case, the slider of the RadTimeBar control is collapsed and the mouse wheel event is not handled.